Sign requests using an NGINX reverse proxy

NGINX is a fantastic tool for various use cases such as Load Balancing, proxying etc. Sometimes, complex use cases require custom configurations. In our case, NGINX should act a reverse proxy in a private network and sign incoming requests from a trusted source.

22 Jul 2018 | #tech

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DSchool partner project: Radbahn

Together with our partner Radbahn, an urban development project in Berlin, we designed the "Radbahn Experienc" with bikelane test routes and feedback setups in order to address local citizens' needs. (Image by: Elmi Design)

08 Feb 2018 | #event


Developing a sports portal

Developing a sports event portal in a team of ~40 people using agile project management

13 Dec 2017 | #hack #tech


HPI-HHL Startup Bootcamp #DigitalHealth

Team Innopharmix - Supports depression patients finding the right medecine
Innopharmix wants to support patients with depression to increase their quality of life. Application that connects to local pharmacy will collect patient's data including symptoms and side effects. The pharmacy can offer personalized counseling with digital support through the data collection.

29 Nov 2017 | #hack #tech


Joining Doctors for Madagascar as first Software Engineer

Doctors for Madagascar was founded to improve healthcare in Madagascar by investing in staff training, hospital infrastructure, equipment and patient care. I help them building a mobile payment infrastructure.

11 Nov 2017 | #job #tech


Starting at HPI School of Design Thinking

I joined this year's Design Thinking basic track at HPI D-School.

26 Oct 2017 | #study #design #event


Framework for Exploring and Understanding Multivariate Correlations at ECML-PKDD 2017 in Macedonia

We published a paper based on our work for FEXUM

20 Sep 2017 | #paper #event


Apple WWDC Scholarship 2017

I was invited by Apple to join World Wide Developer Conference 2017 (WWDC) with a student scholarship.

05 Jun 2017 | #event #tech


Schulzzug – The Game

We built a viral, controversial game at the SPD hackathon with more than 20.000 visitors.

20 Mar 2017 | #hack #tech #event


HackHPI 2017: Health Tech

Second edition of HackHPI: This year it's all about Digital Health.

21 Feb 2017 | #hack #tech #event


New Journey: Research Assistant at HealthCloud project

Working on a patient-centered platform for health data and applications based on it

18 Feb 2017 | #hack #tech #job


Project Secure

Open-source education platform for internet security

08 Feb 2017 | #hack #tech


HackJunction: Ges::ndheit

Ges::ndheit solves the information overload of all those smart devices you own by reducing all of the available data into one clear personalized instruction on how you can improve your health.

03 Dec 2016 | #hack #tech #event


Bachelor Project – Predictive Diagnostics: Enhancing Machine Learning Algorithms in Automotive Engineering

Work in a bachelor project team of 7 students to develop novel feature selection and visualization algorithms for better understanding Bosch's automotive data

24 Oct 2016 | #hack #tech #event


#dubhack16 – Hackathon @ Dubsmash

We had our first hackathon at Dubsmash.

23 May 2016 | #hack #tech #event


HackHPI 2016

We host our first hackathon at HPI focussing on building applications using Data Analytics and Machine Learning.

10 May 2016 | #hack #tech #event


3rd prize at HackSussex

Our project Dashbot pipes Slack messages and commands onto a customizable dashboard.

24 Apr 2016 | #hack #tech #event


I am joining the Dubsmash engineering team in Berlin

14 Mar 2016 | #tech


Hacking at HackLondon

"Algorchestra – Conduct your Algorave orchestra in real-time" brought me and Nico the Pusher API prize.

27 Feb 2016 | #hack #tech #event

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Wunderbox made at HackZurich

A hack that allows your to gift you friend a digital Wundertüte using Dropbox.

08 Oct 2015 | #hack #tech #event


Restock app made at HackZurich

Out of milk? 1. Scan Barcode 2. Get reminded by Wunderlist

08 Oct 2015 | #hack #tech #event


Apple WWDC Scholarship 2015

I was invited by Apple to join World Wide Developer Conference 2015 (WWDC) with a student scholarship.

08 Jun 2015 | #event #tech



Timetable app for my former high school (Romain-Rolland-Oberschule Berlin)

12 Dec 2014 | #hack #tech


PB043: Kinderzimmer- programmierer gesucht!

Speaking with #pb21 podcast about Jugend hackt and my journey as a self-taught programmer (Photo: Jöran Muuß-Merholz, CC BY 4.0)

28 May 2014 | #talk #event